Tawny Port

The color I selected for the F/W 17 trending color is Tawny Port. Based on Color Theory this color hue had a deep saturation since it is not very intense and it has a dark value as well. There is no tint yet probably a shade of black or tone of gray added to cool the color a bit. The analogue for this color would be orange or violet as they are adjacent to red and it is part of the red color family on the color wheel. The consumer category (as defined by The Cooper Marketing Group) that this color would fall in would be all three consumer categories in this case: color forwards w the difference. Color loyals have the same idea and the majority will go with their natural instinct to stick to a darker color during the colder months (Fall and Winter) as their moods may change t, color prudents, and color loyals. This color can be very diverse and is a go-to for a lot of people. Color forwards (stylists, editors, and bloggers) saw this trend directly from the F/W shows. Designers such as Jason Wu and Victoria Beckham debut this color in their season’s collections with some looks showcasing the color in a monochromatic way (which seemed to turn into a trend of its own, in fact). Color Prudents already may be familiar with a similar color hue ( i.e. burgundy or maroon) with it being fall and winter so they will see a tawny port in store and will not necessarily know the difference. Tawny port is a classic autumnal shade and goes very well this season with the other F/W colors especially Ballet Slippers, Golden Lime, and bright Marina Blue. This color is currently in, it was seen on the F/W ’17 Runways so it’s been picked up by other designers and industry insiders, stylists etc. the people who would be most inclined to accept this selected color would be people with a specific personality trait. This color is mature and steered toward more of a passive personality trait warm comforting and subtle. The color is elegant and sophisticated. The color is pretty much universal like most colors people of any age, gender, ethnicity would be seen wearing this color. Yet, it’s most likely preferred by style savvy young adults and adults.



   (Brock Collection – Getty Images)

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