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Digital Printing on clothing is a new innovation changing the future of fashion in textile design. Prints are instantly applied to the fabric with printers lowering water utilization by 95 percent, energy usage by 75 percent and cutting back on textile waste. Designers such as Alexander Mcqueen, Prada, Pucci, and Jill Sander have been seen using this method. This technique is printed digitally on the fabric instead of hand or machine-made textiles. Uses for this textile may include furniture in home markets (couches, chairs, etc.) I also see it being possible in Kitchen wear to make many more versatile prints for tablecloths, table mats, and napkins as well and of course clothing in the apparel market. With digital printing, you are able to make tops, bottoms, dresses, hats, even shoes in different ways than before. Consumers will accept this textile technology because it means they can create any fabric they want if it is printed digitally. The internet holds millions of images and you can create infinite patterns and designs with a computer so this will only make pattern making more extensive, convenient, and possible. If its possible for the market, I definitely see it being picked up as a trend by any market because it is here to make things easier. Designers  are reliant on all digital technology, digital photography and adobe offices digital printing is definitely whats next.


Alexander Mcqueen digital print dress from


Alexander Mcqueen digital print dress from


Mary Katrantzou digital print dress, digital textile
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