Boho Chic

The style tribe I have seen around NYC and I selected to write about is Boho Chic. Boho stands for Bohemian so Boho Chic or similar idea of the Festival Look was inspired by Coachella, and the Hippie look of the 1960’s and the Woodstock Music Festival. Although this look’s peak seasons are usually fall and spring, it is now seen all year round. Many people pick up this look, especially in warmer months. The ideals of the tribe associated with this look include hang loose and peace signs, fringe, ripped or worn denim, and floral prints. Visual components this style tribe has adopted are feathers in hair — a native American tradition, natural makeup, platform shoes, longer, flowing hemlines. longer hair lengths on men and women, and round John Lennon style glasses. This look has been updated from the 1960’s, however, to include things like glitter eyeshadow, neon colors, and electronic music. Gucci has recently popularized this look and it has now become more mainstream than a few years ago. Style tribe leaders associated with this subculture would be the Rolling Stones. Free People makes a lot of this Hippie style clothing and Vanessa Hudgens is a big proponent of this style. She incorporates it amazingly in everyday street style in LA and NYC and is also known by many as the Queen of the Coachella Festival in Palm Springs. This style has been around for quite a while, but reappears yearly and is motivated by the change of weather to the warmer months and music festivals during festival season.


Vanessa Hudgens out in NYC (

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