The Wave Brow



    One pop culture trend that I see occurring currently within the beauty market is waved eyebrows. Since the other recent feather brows, and barbed-wire brows trend, we have seen, now comes waved eyebrows. They have just been all the rage on social media. This brow trend is definitely an example of the Direction of Fashion Change theory we’ve learned about. This trend shows the course of fashion change in beauty. Perfect eyebrows have been the way to go for years now. When the wave brow surfaced a lot of girls caught on to have some fun with something that may be taken more seriously then it should. Captions of pics seen for this have been “tired of being basic”. But if everyone is catching on, are you really not being that basic? The look is created by using washable glue, instead of plucking them for eternity, if realizing the squiggle look is not for you. Concealer is also used to heighten the impression too. Makeup artist Jessica Brodersen was the first to post this style of brow in a minimal way, just by waving the tail of the brow, until others caught on using it in a more dramatic appearance. Other makeup artists tried the style in a more intense way by making the entire brow waved. To the point they may almost look photo shopped. After makeup artists try it, bloggers, it girls, and influencers get it to the point everyone is on it. I could see how the wave brow may be a cute way to switch it up. The trend became so big, Snapchat even made a filter. Whether you love it or hate it, opinions have definitely been varied, this look is being seen all over Instagram. A rise in waved lips has been seen to pair with the brows, we will only have to see where this takes us.

All in all, I believe that this is clearly an example of the the direction of fashion change in beauty since first cam feather brows, then the barbed-wire brows trend and now waved eyebrows.


Barbed Wire Brow
Feather Brow
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