Top 6 PR Roles & Responsibilities in the Industry

Some things to consider if you’re looking to get into PR as a career..

  1. To Be knowledgeable about particular audiences and the media vehicles that will reach them most effectively and efficiently. * Consider which outlet is closest to your audience*
  2. To have a thorough understanding of the mission of the institution which they represent and possess the ability to articulate that objective flawlessly in writing or verbally to all audiences. 
  3. To have the ability to research, analyze and predict consumer preferences (trends, patterns, etc.) with regard to the consequences for the organization which the PR person represents. 
  4. To create clear, effective and beneficial messages about the organization and/ or product for the media and both internal & external audiences.
  5. To be the quintessential Ambassador of your organization and/or product for the media and both internal & external audiences.
  6. To be endlessly innovative and creative presenting new measurable ideas for events and programs that could reach potential new customers or create new sources of revenue for the organization.
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